What is the Cloud CMA Bookmarklet?

The Cloud CMA Bookmarklet makes it easy to send MLS numbers from your MLS system to Cloud CMA.

Supported MLS Providers


Drag this button to your bookmark toolbar.

Send to Cloud CMA →

To install the bookmarklet just drag the green "Send to Cloud CMA" button to your Bookmarks Bar. The Bookmarks Bar is also known as the Favorites Bar or the Bookmarks Toolbar. In some browsers you may need to go to your View menu to choose to show it.

How to use the Cloud CMA Bookmarklet

  1. Log into your MLS system and do a property search like you normally do.
  2. Check/Select the properties you want to include in your report.
  3. Click the Cloud CMA Bookmarklet you made during the installation, and click the button of the report you would like to create.
  4. Cloud CMA will be launched with the MLS numbers automatically place in the MLS Numbers Box.

For a full video tutorial on this process please click here.

Note: You must not change your MLS system's default display of the search results page.